The latest DLC pack for Skyrim, Hearthfire, allows us to build our own house in the popular RPG, but that’s not an easy job. The first step when it comes to building a house in Skyrim is buying a plot of land in the game – the place where the house will be built. I am here to share with you a complete guide on how to buy land in Skyrim Hearthfire and I really hope that you’ll find it useful.

First of all, after buying the Hearthfire DLC, you will have to meet with a courier. This happens automatically in any of the cities listed here: Falkreath, The Pale, or Hjaalmarch. Just wait for a while or move around and a courier will come, saying that he has a letter for you.

In your inventory, you have to read the letter, which says that you can become a landowner in the region. However, in order to get the chance to buy the land in Skyrim, you need to meet some requirements. And you can only buy land in the regions listed below.

So here are the regions and requirements for buying land:

  • Falkreath: Obtain the Jarl’s trust by doing the “Rare Gifts” favor and “Kill the Bandits Leader” favor
  • The Pale: Obtain the Jarl’s trust by doing the “Waking Nightmare” quest and “Kill the Giant” favor
  • Hjaalmarch: Obtain the Jarl’s trust by completing the “Laid to Rest” quest.

After completing these quests, you can go to the steward who will say that he has some land for sale – it costs 5,000 coins and you will finally own your little bit of heaven in the game and you will be allowed to start building your house there!

Pretty easy, right? Well… that’s not over, because after buying land in Skyrim Hearthfire you have to build your house, but I will have guide on that ready soon!