The new browser-based title from NGames is Grand Voyage An Adventure to Unknown Peril, an historical trading MMORPG that takes players back to the renaissance age, on the 16th century. The company explained some of the upcoming background history and features:

Grand Voyage stays true to 16th century regional trading, bringing key cities to life with gorgeous graphics, faithful building styles and city features, and ports that produce goods with unique geographical characteristics. (…) A lesson in history and trading as well as an action-packed game, Grand Voyage familiarizes players with the distinctive cities and foreign customs of the times – and provides plenty of opportunities for exciting sea battles!

In this new medieval title, players will have the chance to expand their empires, as well, as ascending their ports into great power sources by offering exclusive items. The trading component will have a strong impact in Grand Voyage, just as in the real world only those with a business spirit will be able to conquer the over seas through wealth and luxury. Another new feature is the stock-style trading system, which “means that gameplay changes and evolves dynamically based on player actions”. The action will reach every server with the cross-server-battlefield, where players must unite forces to defeat the enemy factions in massively conflicts.

With this title, NGames pretends to restore a historical period where “wealth stimulated commercial prosperity and technological advances which made transoceanic trade become possible.” A release date is not currently know, however the game should launch before the end of the year.