Prodigy Infinitech announced that the browser-baser MMORPG, Anime Pirates, is going to get an additional server. This server will be exclusively dedicated to the international community and it will be named as “Marco”. The company invited everyone to join this new server that started fresh today:

This new server is part of the servers for the free-to-play browser-based MMORPG Anime Pirates that was launched earlier this year in March. Be the first of your friends and fans alike to sign up now to reminisce and relive the One Piece story!

In Anime Pirates, players can assume the role of a fearless pirate and engage in a non-stop action environment. The game offers dedicated quests and missions, mostly related to pirates and the sea. Nevertheless, players still can do many others things, working on achievements and raising a pet are two of the countless options. If players prefer to fight other pirates, then they can register everyday in the daily tournament, enter the arena or fight massively in the pirate’s battlefield.