Video games can be a great way to unwind, pass the time, and even a lucrative hobby if you get good enough at them. But, sometimes those difficult games, though fun, become stressful or tiring and you find yourself wanting to goof off with something lighter.

The internet has a vast and diverse selection of free online games that will help you relax and unwind, without ever adding stress. Simple games like the one you find on offer easy game play that won’t stress you out. Clicker Heroes is certainly fits that bill and offers some decent challenges every once in a while, to keep things fun.

How do you play?
Playing Clicker Heroes is very simple; it’s what they call a “one button game,” because you only use one button during the game. All you have to do to succeed in this game is click the enemy to attack it in the hopes that you will defeat it, then move your cursor over the coins that fell beside the enemy to collect them.

You can use coins to hire new heroes to help you attack and defeat the enemies, or to level up the ones you currently employ. The more expensive characters even have automatic attack options, which is quite fun.

Not that it’s encouraged, but you could leave a running game open in a tab on a level that is relatively easy, let the bots attack, and come back later to hundreds of thousands of coins; you could upgrade all your characters or hire all the options they have.

What’s the point in the game?
Each level will have a set number of enemies you will need to defeat before that level will be deemed complete and the next will become available. The further you go in the game, the more durable the enemies are and the more difficult they are to defeat.

There are also some extra challenging levels sprinkled into the mix that involve incredible strong enemies and a time limit in which to defeat them; if your characters aren’t leveled up enough, you won’t beat the level.

Ultimately, as with any game, you want to level up your team to its maximum potential and reach the highest level possible. You will find yourself playing this game for hours trying to finally beat it; I’m convinced there’s no beating it, just endless levels.

What’s it like?
Just clicking the enemy to death might not sound super entertaining or intriguing, but the structuring of the levels truly makes this game fun and addictive. The gameplay starts off easy and light, allowing you to earn coins and hire heroes to help you attack and defeat the enemy, but once you’ve leveled up a fair bit and gotten used to the game, things start to heat up. In the later levels, the enemies are stronger, making it harder to defeat them, but it also means you earn more money for defeating them. The timed levels are also a fun added challenge; you’ll want to keep unlocking levels in high anticipation of what’s to come.

Is it worth the effort?
This game is absolutely worth the effort. First off, it’s free and easily accessible on Secondly, it’s a great wait to unwind without having other players to worry about or the stress of trying to defeat multiple enemies or having to adjust to a learning curve. This game offers a really easy, fun, and quite addictive way to pass your time and relax without any added stress.

The more challenging video games are fun, sure, but they also cost an arm and a leg and can be quite stressful. Sometimes gamers just need a light and easy game they can play to unwind in a stress-free environment while still partaking in their favorite hobby.

Clicker Heroes and games like it offer stress-free, simple game play with challenges sprinkled in to keep it fun and entertaining. You’ll find yourself excitedly beating each level to see what crazy thing might be in store for you next. This game and several others are conveniently found here along with a walk-through demonstration, should you find yourself confused about how to play any of the games.