golemizer-screenWell, if you’re not going to become an online superhero anytime soon, at least you’ll have more fun playing the free MMORPG Golemizer since it just got a new and huge expansion – which is also completely free. Don’t you just love PC games more than anything in the world?

Titled the Diluculo Island, this first Golemizer expansion features:

– 100 new quests
– Over 200 new zones to explore
– 3 new golems that players can create (zombie velociraptor, mecha repair-o-tron and the X-Rex)
– 10 new skills available to all characters
– New island themed items that players can buy to customize their cities and dungeons
– The first vehicle in Golemizer, a blimp that can be built by players!

And if you didn’t know already, Golemizer is a free 2D steampunk MMORPG which was recently released – in September 2008, but which already has over 10,000 players. So you won’t e feeling lonely there! So why not give it a try?