gow2After tons of studies and researches trying to prove that video games are actually bad for our health and lives, it’s football players who prove the aforementioned researchers wrong: Stoke City players are huge fans of Gears of War 2 and they play the game regularly and yet there are no side effects. On the contrary!

According to The Daily Mirror and Stoke’s defender Liam Lawrence, Gears of War 2 has done “wonders” for the team and they’re now confident that they will even avoid relegation!

One of the main reason is teamwork: “It sounds stupid but we communicate like we do on the pitch. You can see the camaraderie. We’re good friends so we stick together and we talk to each other at night as well,” Lawrence said adding that playing the game also stops the players going out on the town instead.

And the Stoke players are so big fans of Epic’s game that they’re celebrating their goals by mimicking the game. Kind of. They pretend to shoot one another and they fall down on the pitch. Still, it’s great to hear that video games are actually not the worst thing in the world!