squeeballsThe Game Developers Conference this year showed attendees a very interesting project for the Xbox 360, one that will certainly make Microsoft console’s fans very, very happy: Squeeballs, a game that will come with motion sensitive gameplay, similar to that on the Wii. Very cool, huh?

According to 1UP, Squeeballs is actually a collection of minigames which include bowling, golf, and… cooking. From what I’ve seen, it looks incredibly well and, most important, it appears that the motion controls are working flawlessly.

However, in order to play the game you will also need the Gametrak Freedom from Squeeballs’ developers Performance Designed Products – we have no idea how much it really costs, but we do know that it will be bundled with the game, when it gets released this fall.

According to reports, the Gametrak Freedom motion sensitive controller for the Xbox 360 is “very similar” in design to the Wiimote, which could upset Nintendo a little bit. But let’s just hope that no unnecessary legal action will take place and we’ll enjoy the fun Squeeballs with no problems.