The fifth update of Funcom’s MMORPG Age of Conan has been launched, improving the game and making some changes to the gameplay, in the hope that more players will decide to join the Hyborian adventures. Titled “Gangs of Tarantia”, the update is detailed below, so read on if you’d like to know what improvements it adds.

First of all, the Gangs of Tarantia update adds lots of new content, but mainly changes to how the game is played and experienced by the userbase. Now players will find out that the items’ stats have changed radically, giving the items a bigger importance when it comes to your character’s overall powers. Also, among the other changes, guild cities will now see an increased activity as guards and merchants now walk the streets, bringing life to the settlement. PvP minigames are also introduced in AoC for players to gain PvP experience, while social pets such as snakes, dogs, and cats will improve the social aspects of the game.

“The team has poured a lot of dedication and hard work into making this update a reality,” says Funcom game director Craig Morrison. “Not only are we adding a massive new area to the game where level seventy players can find hours of more entertainment, we have also made significant changes to core systems in the game that will hopefully make the game experience more fun and a lot more rewarding!”

It all sounds pretty nice and I am sure that if things continue this way, Age of Conan will finally start to be what it was first meant to.