I am very happy to see that computer and video games are finally getting their fair share of attention and from strange geeks gamers are finally turning into mainstream media superstars. A proof that the gaming industry is becoming a leading entertainment industry is the decision to create a reality show where gamers compete against one another for a huge prize of 100,000 bucks.

The show, with a working title of “GameQuest” (which we hope they’ll change) will be hosted by Sci Fi Channel and pits 12 contestants against one another in a series of video game challenges to find the best all-around gamer in the States. I am sure you’d all like take part in the competition, but it’s not clear for now how participants are selected.

Also, no exact game names were given either, but Sci Fi reps said that GameQuest will feature top titles from various studios and it will also include physical challenges that, they claim, “bring videogames to life”. Don’t know about you, but I really want to see this happening. I’ll still have to wait for a while, though: the show will only kick off in the first quarter of 2009.

Oh, and there’s still one question: will it be a multi-platform kind of competition or fanboys of a specific console will be happier than others? We can only wait and see…