Before jumping around with joy that Minecraft somehow introduced Wolfenstein to its world, listen to me: that didn’t happen! However, it did happen that the folks over at Sourceforge have decided to use Ken Silverman’s VOXLAP engine in order to create a game inspired by Wolfenstein 3D and gave it the name… Voxelstein 3D!

The game world is built from tiny cubes called voxels. There are over 37 million in the first level. Rendering a world like this is slow (especially without hardware acceleration), but there is an advantage: voxels can be added, removed or otherwise altered very very quickly. This enables all kinds of cool stuff, including fully destructible worlds – and by “fully”, they mean fully!

Add to that the joy of replaying one of the most iconic games in the history of computer gaming and you’ll have all the reasons to at least give Voxelstein a try. But be warned: just like with Minecraft, it can become really addictive!

If you think you can handle it, head over to Scourceforge and download Voxelstein 3D for free!