I don’t know about you, but I feel the need every now and then to get my soul scared away from my body, especially when I’m alone at home and the wind is blowing outside. If the night has come, then certainly your horror game will become even better. But you could play today’s mod, The Attic, with the lights on and friends close and you’d still get super scared. And that’s a great thing!

The Attic, available as a free download (click the link below to get it) is an Amnesia: The Dark Descent mod that tells the story of Derrek, who still lives with his mother and father and tries to make a medicine that can heal any human being.

However, strangely, you realize that actually your father is missing (for 16 years!) and you have to investigate that: why your mother never told you and why you were never allowed to get past the second floor of your house, including The Attic. You begin the story when Derrek comes to this realization, and must continue through the adventure, revealing the family secret that will forever tear you (or, better said, Derrek) apart.

A really well done game that will send the cold chills of horror to your spine, but one you will definitely enjoy, especially since it’s available as a free download: so head over to The ModDB and get your game now!