Well, I guess that Zynga is once again starting to release a bit too many missions in Cafe World too soon, but that might be just my impression. Either way, one thing is clear: now we have a new missions series to complete titled the Cafe World Shrimp Fest mission series. I guess that the name tells it all about its content, so lets see below what is it actually about!

Please note that the dishes below might not be identical with the ones you will have to cook, following Zynga’s new approach to Cafe World missions, but they will all have similar cooking times:

Shrimp Fest Mission 1
– Ask for 5 Shrimp Forks
– Serve 25 Dishes
– Serve Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 20 times

Shrimp Fest Mission 2
– Ask for 6 Festive Beads
– Serve 40 Dishes
– Ask for 8 Deveined Shrimp
Reward: Chicken and Shrimp Kabobs recipe unlocked

Shrimp Fest Mission 3
– Ask for 7 Saxophones
– Ask for Trumpets
– Serve 30 Dishes

Shrimp Fest Mission 4
– Ask for 6 Skillet Pans
– Serve 50 Dishes
– Serve 20 Dishes

Shrimp Fest Mission 5
– Ask for 8 Pork Pie Hats
– Serve Mini Crab Cakes 20 times
– Master Chicken and Shrimp Kabobs through Level 1

Shrimp Fest Mission 6
– Serve 20 Taste Lab dishes with Shrimp
– Serve 30 Dishes
– Spice 5 of your dishes

Shrimp Fest Mission 7
– Ask for 8 Jumbo Shrimp
– Serve 30 Dishes
– Ask for 9 Shrimp Plates

Shrimp Fest Mission 8
– Master Chicken and Shrimp Kebobs through Level 2
– Mastery Shrimp Po Boy through Level 1
– Serve 20 dishes

And this is the new mission series, hopefully you’ll have time to complete it fast!