Dozen Games have updated Floors Escape with a single new level, Level 8, which is by far the most challenging of the game so far, proving that they really mean business with the game and that it won’t just be like a walk in the park completing it. And I am here to share with you a Floors Escape Level 8 walkthrough and help you find the solution to this really difficult level.

So if you want to know how to beat Floors Escape Level 8, here it is:

1. First zoom in to the photo on the dresser to the left. Tap it again and get a wheel from its back.
2. Tap the dresser and open up one drawer to get a screwdriver from there. Might come in handy!
3. Zoom in to the desk and notice the clues: first, on the typing machine, one of the small circles is different color. Then tap the post it and drag it away to reveal a part of another puzzle. Finally, zoom in on the notepad to reveal another hint.
4. Tap on the painting to zoom in and drag it to the side to reveal yet another bit of the difficult puzzle.
5. Now it’s time to move left. Zoom in on the Earth Globe and notice the dots there. Zoom in on the map above the fireplace and tap it to reveal even more bits of the code.
6. It’s now time to move right. Zoom in on the old speaker and tap the small circles to be: yellow (left), blue (top), red (right). Now tap the big half circle above until the small door opens and reveals the key. Take it.
7. Zoom in to the dresser under the old speaker and use the key to open it. Get the extinguisher from there.
8. Now move to the fireplace and use the extinguisher to turn it off. Zoom in on the woods and use the screwdriver to get a golden key.
9. Tap the books above the globe, the correct order is: blue, black, yellow, brown. Use the golden key to open the box and get a new wheel.
10. Tap the shelves to the left and solve the puzzle there. According to the clues around the room, we have: middle is yellow; top half blue, top right red and top half green. Get the pencil and push the button.
11. Go back and right and zoom into the notebook on the desk. Using the pencil, swipe above the notebook until you reveal the clue: triangle, square, x, circle, triangle.
12. It’s time to go back and zoom into the controller near the door. First, place the two wheels in their corresponding spots. Them using the clue from the notebook, set the code in the middle and you are free to go!

Finally, the Floors Escape Level 8 walkthrough is complete and we are ready for a new challenge, hoping that it will be just as challenging as this one. Thanks to the walkthrough page for the help, as well as Linda, Neil and Ryan!