It’s time to continue our walkthrough for 200 Doors: Time Machine with 10 more levels, and at the end of this walkthrough we’ll reach level 20 in this amazing escape the room game which rocketed to number one on my “best app” list.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s get it started with the 200 Doors: Time Machine Walkthrough for Levels 11 to 20!

200 Doors: Time Machine Level 11 Walkthrough
Select the broom in your inventory and tap the bee hive until bees get out and scare away the man guarding the door. Now you can exit.

200 Doors: Time Machine Level 12 Walkthrough
Select the harp from your inventory and use it on the Dragon. After it falls asleep, you can exit!

200 Doors: Time Machine Level 13 Walkthrough
Drag down the right most wine in the left set of wines (they change from level to level, so if that doesn’t work, drag them all down until the leaves disappear). Now select the meat from the inventory and place it on the rocks to the left – you are not free to go.

200 Doors: Time Machine Level 14 Walkthrough
Hit the switch to turn on the light. Then tap the right square at the top of the door until it gets to 3 (the bottom right painting will light up). Turn that square back to 0, then tap the left one until you reach 5, and all the other paintings will be activated. You can now exit.

200 Doors: Time Machine Level 15 Walkthrough
Tap the end of the Trojan Horse and tilt the phone left to have the three soldiers out. Get the sword from the last one and use it to cut the ropes on the wheels. Tilt the phone right until you can exit.

200 Doors: Time Machine Level 16 Walkthrough
You have to “make” the cross sign, so tap the cross: top, bottom, left, right.

200 Doors: Time Machine Level 17 Walkthrough
Tap the following code: 1235789 (thanks, Curtis, although I have no idea why it’s this code!)

200 Doors: Time Machine Level 18 Walkthrough
Use the knife from your inventory to remove all the weed then tap the right stone and move it to reveal a key. Use it to open the lock and proceed!

200 Doors: Time Machine Level 19 Walkthrough
Use the knife to cut away that old rag, as well as the spider’s web from the painting. Use the painting as a key on how to press the piano keys (middle, black right, black left, white right and white left). Exit the room.

200 Doors: Time Machine Level 20 Walkthrough
Put the three watermelon pieces in the spin machine, then spin and exit!

And this is it! The 200 Doors Time Machine walkthrough for levels 11 to level 20 is complete and we’re ready for new challenges. Until I come up with the walkthrough for the next levels, make sure to check out the walkthrough for the first 10 levels.