The popular Floors Escape game has been updated with 2 new levels and I am already here to share with you the walkthrough to these two new levels, detailed instructions on how to complete each of the new levels which are not extremely challenging, but can still give us some headaches every here and there.

So let’s check out the Floors Escape walkthrough for Level 5 and Level 6 below!

Floors Escape Level 5 walkthrough

1. Tap the clock on the wall, then the upper side of it and take the purple key.
2. Go back twice and tap the small table near the couch, then pick up the photo to the left – it’s a puzzle, so tap each of the pieces until you solve the puzzle (should look like the one below):

3. Tap the drawer below the camera and use the code on the photo (3857). Take the blue key.
4. Tap the couch and the third pillow to the right, then take the UV lamp.
5. Go to the phone (right side of the door) and use the UV lamp in it. Notice the places with green.
6. Tap the wooden chest to the lower right corner and tap the circles as the fingerprints were (as seen below):

7. Use the keys in the keyholes of the same color and tap the top green circle twice. Get the triangle.
8. Go back and use the triangle on the elevator’s call button and tap it to move to the next level.

Floors Escape Level 6 walkthrough

1. Tap the middle shelf of the bookshelf and get the green key.
2. Tap the red box to the right of the door and use the key to open it. Get the stick.
3. Go back and left and tap the laptop. Use the stick with it and notice the colored circles:

4. Go back and tap the painting on the wall. Tap each of the circles to make the same colors as in the image above. Note the code (5826)
5. Go back and tap the drawers to the right side of the laptops. Use the code to open the drawer and take the needle.
6. Go back and right and tap the upper side of the bookshelf. Use the needle with the small hole and take the red key.
7. Go back and left and tap the lower side of the drawers. Use the red key with the red lock and tap the button to turn it green.
8. Go to the elevator and proceed to the next level!

And there you have it! The walkthrough for Floors Escape levels 5 and 6 is here. I hope you had a great time completing these two new levels!

Thanks Floors Escape Walkthrough for hints on completing these two levels!