new_darkffall_mountA huge, massive first Darkfall expansion is being scheduled to go live today, improving the already promising MMORPG from Aventurine and turning it into what we could call a real WoW contestant. It feels, however, like the game’s release was a bit rushed in Europe, since it was February 25 when it first became available for players and we’re already receiving this huge expansion. But we can’t complain, can we?

We can’t since it will deliver many optimizations, improvements, and fixes. For example, the monsters in the PvE section of the game will suffer a complete re-balancing, with hit points, stats, and loot tables going to be different after today’s release. Also, your Darkfall characters will feel the changes on their own skin and in their own inventories, since weapons and armor will also be re-balanced. And Aventurine promise that all these changes are the result of the feedback received from the players.

Except for that, today’s Darkfall expansion will introduce a Player Housing system (which will give birth to small villages – a really cool idea!), a weather system, one new mount and even title quests for those who feel like having a bit of nobility recognition following their names. And, trust me, many, many, more other changes and improvements. If you want to read them all, head over to the official website.

Unfortunately, there is a kind of sad news coming together with the revelation of the expansion: the North American launch of Darkfall is being pushed back a little to July 13. But what a complete release it will be!