fv-mysteryboxAs usual, Zynga has released the weekly mid-week FarmVille update and released a new Mystery Box in the game, the Red and Yellow FarmVille mystery box and I’m sure you’re wondering what’s inside. Fortunately, after doing some research, I’ve found the answer to your question, so read on to find out for yourself!

Inside the new red and yellow Mystery Box in FarmVille we’ll find the following never seen before items:

Snow Mobile + 100xp
Foot Bridge + 250xp
Cottage Deluxe + 400xp
White Fountain + 250xp
Brown Pony + ?xp
Outdoor Fireplace + ?xp

If you could help us complete the data with the XP points earned from these cool new gifts, we’d be grateful.

Now tell us – what items did you get from the new red and yellow mystery box and which is your favorite?