farmville-energy-biscuit1Following the generosity of the people playing FarmVille, Zynga raised $1 million for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. In order to thank us all for the donations, Zynga offers an Energy Biscuit that can be found in the gift boxes and used whenever we feel like.

What is the Energy biscuit, you might ask yourself, since there is no real notice (at least none that I saw) regarding the use of the Energy biscuit. However, I have tried it and saw it’s effect:

After clicking the “Use” button under the Energy biscuit, your Avatar (your virtual farmer) will get a boost of speed for 24 hours, making him or her faster at plowing crops, planting seeds and so on. Of course, for those who have blocked their avatars, the energy biscuit is completely useless, but still a great gesture from Zynga.

Have you donated for the victims in Haiti?