Another week has passed, another chapter has been released in FarmVille for the Jade Falls (Chapter 7) farm and I am here to share with you a guide with the requirements and rewards this new series of mission is offering. So read on all the details below and be informed about the latest goals that you get to complete in FarmVille!

Mission 1: Chop the Wood
– Get 6 Wooden Axes
– Harvest 10 Grouper
– Make 3 Hamachi Makip
Rewards: 25 Zen Points, Martial Arts Costume and 425 Jade Coins

Mission 2: Brush Up, Brush Down
– Get 8 Paint Brushes
– Harvest 25 Lotus
– Make 3 Bao
Rewards: Sensei Pig, 50 Zen Points, 850 Jade Coins

Mission 3: Roll Out, Roll In,
– Get 8 Rolling Pins
– Harvest 25 Sichuan Pepper
– Harvest Sensei Pig Twice
Rewards: Shuriken Tree, 75 Zen Points, 1275 Jade Coins

Mission 4: Walk The Dog
– Get 8 Dog Leashes
– Harvest 12 Nori
– Make 4 Bibimbap
Rewards: Banzai Ewe, 100 Zen Points, 1,700 Jade Coins

Mission 5: Sweep Left, Sweep Right
– Get 9 Brooms
– Harvest 30 Imperial Tea
– Improve Mountain Palace to Stage 5
Rewards: Asian Windmill, 150 Zen Points, 2,125 Jade Coins

Mission 6: All is revealed
– Get 10 Pine Boards
– Master Sensei Pig
– Make 4 Oolong Tea
Rewards: Shinobi Turtle, 200 Zen Points, 4,250 Jade Coins

And these are the Jade Falls Chapter 7 missions in FarmVille. What do you think about them and the rewards offered by Zynga?


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