Zynga has found a new method of trying to give CityVille some of its virality back by coming up with the “Quiz Your Friends” feature and the Quiz Your Friends missions where we’ll have to ask our friends about our cities in order to earn buildings and decorations that will eventually help us complete the new missions. An interesting idea overall and I am here to share with you all the details about the Quiz Your Friends missions in the game, so check them out below!

By the Book
– Ask friends for 10 Bookmarks
– Collect from Daily News or Web Marketing Agency (Quiz your friends to earn these buildings!)
– Collect 10 Stylus Pens from Businesses
Rewards: 25,000 Coins and 50 XP

Grab the Wheel
– Ask friends for 10 Racing Gloves
– Place Classic Car or Electric Car (Quiz your friends to earn these decorations!)
– Upgrade Grand Prix Racetrack

State of the Arts
– Ask friends for 10 Sheep
– Place Historic Statue or Abstract Art of the Future (Quiz Your Friends)
– Build 2 Gardens

All in Good Fun
– Ask friends for 15 Checkerboards
– Place Drawing Kids or Dancing Kids
– Upgrade High School

Face the Music
– Ask friends for 15 Headphones
– Collect from 60′s Architecture House or Modern House
– Upgrade Vinyl Record Shop

Film Buff
– Ask friends for 15 VHS Tapes
– Collect from Art House Theater or 3D Megaplex
– Upgrade Showbiz TV Studio
Rewards: Old Fashion Main Street or Modern Main Street