I hope you really like the Jade Falls farm in FarmVille, because we have to complete a fourth chapter too in the new series of missions and I am sure this won’t be the last one! But it is one really cool chapter with nice rewards and interesting challenges and I am sure you want to find out everything about it. If that’s the case, then check out the requirements for the FarmVille Jade Falls Chapter 4 missions below!

The Brush Off
– Get 6 Panda Brush
– Harvest 10 Jade Bamboo
– Improve Mountain Temple to Level 4
Rewards: Panda Sheep & unknown XP and currency

That New Panda Smell
– Get 8 Panda Cologne
– Harvest 15 Sichuan Pepper
– Harvest Panda Sheep 1 Time
Rewards: Bamboo Blossom Pond & unknown XP and currency

Panda Poetry
– Get 8 Panda Poems
– Harvest 8 Sticky Rice
– Make 3 Pho Soup
Rewards: Romantic Panda & unknown XP and currency

– Get 8 Bamboo Bouqyets
– Harvest 10 Hamachi
– Make 3 Chow Mein
Rewards: Panda Balloon & unknown XP and currency

Bearly Acquainted
– Get 9 Romantic Reservations
– Harvest 25 Azuki
– Harvest Jade Habitats
Rewards: Panda Cottage & unknown XP and currency

Bearly Made It
– Get 10 Chocolate Bamboos
– Master Panda Sheep to 1-Star
– Make 3 Egg Rolls
Rewards: Lady Panda & unknown XP and currency

So nice rewards here (I am talking about the special items, obviously) and overall a nice Jade Falls Chapter 4. I wish you a great time completing these missions!