Even though the newest FarmVille Farm has not been released yet, we can share with you the information about the Jade Falls Chapter 1 missions already: apparently, there will be just 6 missions for us to complete in these series, but the requirements and rewards already allow us to catch a glimpse of the upcoming items in Jade Falls – and it all seems really exciting!

So check out below the unreleased (at the moment of writing) FarmVille Jade Falls Chapter 1 missions!

A Game Of Tiles
– Get 6 Mahjong Tiles
– Harvest 10 Sichuan Pepper
– Complete 1 Jade Aviary
Rewards: 5 ZP, 1 Red Crowned Crane and 425 Jade

Wishing Mission
– Get 8 Water Buckets
– Harvest 10 Jade Bamboo
– Harvest 2 Red Crowned Cranes
Rewards: 10 ZP, 1 Jade Well and 850 Jade

Drop Me A Line
– Get 8 Fish Hooks
– Harvest 8 Hamachi
– Make 2 Pho Soup
Rewards: 15 ZP, 1 Lotus Pond and 1,275 Jade

Hare Raising Tale
– Get 8 Tiny Carrots
– Harvest 10 Azuki
– Make 2 Hamachi Maki
Rewards: 20 ZP, 1 Chinese Hare and 1,700 Jade

Tea Totaller
– Get 9 Tea Candles
– Harvest 10 White Cloud Tea
– Harvest 2 Chinese Hares
Rewards: 30 XP, 1 Glowing Lantern Tree and 2,125 Jade

By The Tail
– Get 10 Tiger Tracks
– Master Red Crowned Crane
– Make 2 Milk Tea
Rewards: 40 XP, 1 Indo Chinese Tiger and 4,250 Jade

Pretty interesting – so tell us what you think about the requirements and rewards of the first set of missions we’ll have to complete in Jade Falls, the Chapter 1 quests!


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