shannonI must admit that I just couldn’t stop laughing when I heard the news about a con girl – Karen Matthews – sentenced for kidnapping her own daughter who received a PlayStation 3 in her cell thanks to her good behavior. Now she probably plays GTA IV all day long, waiting for Brash to release Prison Break: The Videogame.

Even more, it appears that receiving gaming consoles in your cell is not a common thing, since UK newspaper The Mirror reports that the woman is now extremely unpopular with other cons and is kept apart from them. Part of that is the fact that Karen is known as “the worst mother in Britain” for neglecting her children, spending all the money on booze and, eventually kidnapping one of her daughters for some extra cash. She is also the mother of seven children with five different fathers, so we can definitely agree she was no role model.

However, in prison she behaves well and now, according to her deeply upset prison colleagues, “She just lounges around watching telly and playing on her console.” I wonder if she has an avatar in Home as well…


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