left-4-dead-2-new-coverAs if Valve isn’t having enough of a trouble because of those who protest against the game being released so soon after the original, the company now has some issues with the ESRB. Or, better said, they had some issues since it’s all fixed now and, even though Left 4 Dead 2‘s cover is not as scary as planned, it’s still there and quite similar with the original.

We’re talking about the hand on the cover, of course. According to a report from 1UP, the new cover of Left 4 Dead 2 has a change in style: instead of two of the fingers being bitten off the hand, they’re only bent back, as you can see in the image that follows this article.

Initially, the pinky and ring fingers were bitten off just like the thumb, but that was considered too graphic by the ESRB, and Valve had to change the image. Strangely, just as in the first case, the thumb is OK to be torn – which kind of makes little sense if we are to debate what “too graphic” means: why one torn thumb is less scarier than two or three? I guess that we’ll never have the answer and probably we shouldn’t care either. Protesters should be the happier side right now: with a less graphic and less scary cover, Left 4 Dead 2 now might prove to be less appealing to more gamers, right?