mysimsOne of the oldest franchises which still produces tons of cash for Electronic Arts is the Sims franchise and EA seems to have no intention to stop creating all sorts of games related to the Sims universe. As a result two new titles were announced in the MySims series for DS and Wii: MySims Party and MySims Racing.

MySims Party brings 50 mini games to Wii owners, each hosted by a different MySim. The game types will vary from Robo Assault to DJ Candy and much more. There will also be a DS version of the game, with 40 different mini games to enjoy. And having in mind that you can compete against friends, the fun will certainly be double!

MySims Racing lets you face a variety of tricky MySim opponents on a huge variety of exotic tracks. Expect to find lots of power ups and customization parts along the way and, of course, lots of casual, family-friendly fun, with support for four players in multiplayer too! This game will also have a DS version and it certainly won’t be the last one to be released by EA. However, we have no exact launch date at the moment, but we do know that we’ll get both titles by the end of the year.