drama-queenIf you’re still dreaming to become the most popular girl in town, or school, or whatever, Majesco might have the perfect gift for you. Uhm… actually it’s not really a gift, since you will have to pay for it, but you get the point. Anyway, the company announced that it plans to release Drama Queens, a Nintendo DS exclusive which teaches girls how to become Miss Popularity.

Unlike what Miss World contestants do on TV, you won’t have to worry about world peace at all. Instead, you’ll have to do your best to bag that big promotion or steal another girl’s boyfriend. And hearing that is enough to make me understand that edutainment has changed completely over the past years!

Anyway, in Drama Queens you’ll play a more complex “wheel of fortune” game: spin the game wheel to advance through a 3D board game environment with your character and choose from the possible options (which will vary from career to relationships and, of course, the quest for true love). Also, as you move around the board, you’ll earn points to use for securing better friends or purchasing new outfits. This complete madness of a Drama Queen game will of course be available in multiplayer and most certainly that mode will take the most out of the game.

No release date was set for Drama Queens yet so until this DS game hits the shelves, you’d better practice all that stuff in real life… NOT!