wonderlandIf you’re a casual gaming fan or if you enjoyed the Wonderland Adventures, Midnight Synergy have a big treat for you: a new chapter of the puzzle adventure, Mysteries of Fire Island, has just been released, alongside a demo which can be downloaded here – so you can test the product before purchasing it.

However, if you want a few extra details first, you should know that Wonderland Adventures: Mysteries of Fire Island is a puzzle driven game with RPG elements which sets you in the Wonderland universe: a beautiful, magic place which is, as usual, threatened with destruction.

In order to save the lands you’ll have to complete over 100 mini-adventures testing your wit, reflexes and puzzle-solving skills. This new version brings improved visuals and a player community eagerly waiting for you to join. You’ll have to pay $19.95 in order to do so, since this is Wonderland Adventures: Mysteries of Fire Island’s price.