Great news, RPG fans all over the world! Bethesda has officially announced that Elder Scrolls V: Skyrm (or simply Elder Scrolls 5) will hit the stores next year. Even better, the release date is set in stone: November 11, 2011. So we already have a contender for the game of the year award, heh?

Details are sparse at the moment and the only thing we know about the game’s story is that Elder Scrolls 5 will be a direct sequel to Oblivion. Unfortunately, no other details have been shared…

Still a little but really important bit of information “slipped” on Bethesda’s official Twitter account: the upcoming RPG will use a brand new graphics engine which was described as… spectacular! Now that’s something to be really happy about!

I will keep you informed with more details about Elder Scrolls 5 as we get them – but until then, be happy thinking about the game’s release date: 11.11.11. Which means next year!