Ravenwood Fair is a really cool game, as I’ve told you already in my review, so I’m sure that you won’t mind if I share with you a few tips and tricks to help you get ahead and get the most out of this Lolaps application. So read on to see my own Ravenwood Fair tips, tricks & strategy guide!

1. When starting up, focus on the hidden, free buildings: scattered around the map, you have a few fun buildings (or games) that can be unlocked for free only if you clear the trees to them and de-thorn them. Once you do this, you get yourself a free game, and that’s something you can’t say “pass” to.

2. Carefully use the Beaver Chop Power Up. This power-up gives your avatar in Ravenwood Fair amazing strength and it can chop down trees with just one click. However, there’s a timer attached to the Beaver Chop, so you must be really quick in order to get the most of it. Therefore, before using it, make sure that you have a full energy bar and that you focus on chopping down trees that are really close together (so you waste as little time as possible when moving from one tree to another). Also, you should care less about clicking the bonus objects now – they will be added to the inventory anyway!

3. Start building lots of cheap attractions. You can get bigger profits from these, at least early on, and you will spend less money on building them.

4. To get more money in Ravenwood Fair, try to group your attractions closer together, to make it easier for your visitors to access them. If the attractions are near one another, your visitors will spend more money.

5. To level up faster and also get more money, complete quests – they’re not simple, but if you focus on completing one at a time, you will be soon be a pro!

6. Add neighbors. Neighbors are really important in Ravenwood Fair: they can send you valuable items for completing your attractions, they can visit your fair for some boosts and they can also be visited for extra coins and experience. Even more, when visiting certain neighboring attractions, you can get some experience from them without spending energy! Therefore, neighbors are vital in this game!

7. Don’t forget to click your visitors if they’re shaking – this means that they’re scared and they will no longer spend coins in your Fair!

8. And finally, take your time. Just like all social games out there, Ravenwood Fair is a game that requires time and dedication to master and there’s no need to rush things up. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Do you have any extra Ravenwood Fair tips and tricks? Share them with us in the comment section below!