duke_nukem3D Realms is one of the most beloved game developers, having created popular franchises like the Duke Nukem series, Wolfenstein 3D and the platformer Commander Keen. However, it is rumored that now, after 17 years in the business, the developers are shutting their doors. And what a sad day that would be for the gaming world!

The rumors, reported by 1UP and picked up from solid sources from Shacknews or The Escapist, say that 3D Realms has indeed shut down, even though the official website of the company still has a job listing for a level designer and even though Take Two said that they continue to retain the publishing rights to Duke Nukem Forever.

All in all, it was not yet confirmed that the rumor regarding the closure of 3D Realms was true. But if it is so, this probably means that Duke Nukem Forever will always be remembered like the biggest joke in the games industry, being announced in 1997 and topping the “most wanted” lists year after year, even though more and more people were starting to lose hope that such a game would exist in the end.

However, if it’s just the super-star Duke Nukem you care about, you should be happy to hear that, no matter what happens with 3D Realms, the newly revived Apogee Software (the original name of 3D Realms) will still release a platformer titled Duke Nukem Trilogy, but only for the PSP and DS.