Paul Rustchynsky, design director for the PS4 exclusive Driveclub, recently took a little bit of time to answer a few questions about his game on NeoGAF. Below you can find out, summed up, the differences between the PS+ and retail version of Driveclub:

  • There will be no split-screen mode in Driveclub
  • If you have PS+ you’ll get a discount when you upgrade the free version to the retail version
  • If you do upgrade the free version you will get the complete digital edition of the game that won’t require a PS+ subscription to keep it
  • The developer is working on a photo mode but can’t say anymore about it at this point
  • Even if you only play the PS+ version you can still get the platinum trophy. The only difference are less track and less cars
  • They are working on getting high quality videos up as soon as possible

Driveclub will be available when the PlayStation 4 launches. PS+ subscribers can get a free version of Driveclub that features less contet like mentioned above.