Dragon’s Prophet was released last month and now Infernum Productions is hosting a charity video contest with stunning prizes from MIFcom and ROCCAT. The contest will be running from 17th of October until the 30th of November and theme is obviously Dragon’s Prophet. Players will have the freedom to choose what to do and how to expose their own concepts and ideas. Director Brand Management of Infernum Productions, Marco Neubert, explained what are the main expectations with this contest:

Let’s Players, streamers and YouTubers in general are the rising stars of the video game industry. Each and every day, they entertain millions of gamers and share their game experience with their fans, resulting in unforgettable tales. We’re really looking forward to working together with them to do something for a cause and we’re excited to see what all the aspiring directors and movie makers will come up with.

The winners of this contest will have the chance to decide how much money will be donated and to which charity organization, furthermore the prizes will depend on the place achieved. The winning video will reward the author with a high-end gaming PC from MIFcom, ROCCAT hardware gear and a cash prize of €10.000. Half of this money, at least €5.000 will be donated to the charity chosen by the winner.