goku-bulmaAll Dragonball Z fans will probably be very glad to find out that they will not only receive a new film, Dragonball: Evolution this spring, but a video game with the same name too! Developed by Namco Bandai and based on the aforementioned feature film, Dragonball: Evolution The Videogame will be released on PlayStation Portables in April this year.

You will follow the path of Goku against Lord Piccolo in the game’s story mode, but you’ll also be able to go to an Arcade mode and battle various opponents directly, accept challenges in the Mission mode or even challenge your friends in the multiplayer mode.

In other words, in Dragonball: Evolution you’ll have to battle once more for the control of the seven sacred balls against your favorite characters. The developers also promise an easy-to-learn fighting system with a big focus on the Ki energy management. There is no mention if any of the actors in the movie will be featured as voice talent, but it would be natural to hear the original voices, since it’s a licensed game.