live tv

When it comes to TV, there is no longer just one way to tune in to the latest programs. Having cable gives you the opportunity to watch live events and premieres as they air, but it isn’t the only option. Watching sports or a brand new series at the same time as everyone else is possible.

Whether it is signing up for an on-demand video platform, accessing your cable subscription on the go, or installing an app to stream content from the internet to your TV, there is a solution to suit your needs.

The question is, do you need cable to watch live TV? The answer depends on the types of programs you want to watch:

Popular Streaming Services

Streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Tubi, Peacock, Prime Video, and YouTube all offer unique content that you won’t find elsewhere. Most people will have a favorite, or two, based on their unique viewing habits. The way you watch these services will depend on the types of devices you own.

For example, your smart TV or smart phone might have a compatible app that you can use to connect to your preferred platform. These on-demand video streaming services often have upcoming new releases that you can add to your wishlist. You don’t need a cable connection to access these types of subscriptions.

Consider a Streaming Player

Consider using a streaming player to watch your favorite TV show’s upcoming episodes as they air, and avoid hearing spoilers from your friends and family. If you are looking for a player that supports your TV habits, check out the Contour Streaming Player from Cox. This convenient device works with your television to enable streaming from different apps.

You can stream videos, music, and movies with ease, and there is even an option for voice control. Contour supports apps such as Netflix and Prime Video, plus a range of other online music, sports, and event platforms.

Got Cable But Want to Watch on the Go?

If you want the benefits of cable and live TV but don’t like the feeling of being chained to your living room, the Cox Contour app is the ideal solution. Whether it is news, sport, or a favorite program, you can tune in no matter where you are. This is ideal for people who travel frequently or those who just want to stay entertained on the commute to work.

Log in with your credentials and access a range of premium programs and channels straight to your phone, tablet, or computer. This easy to install solution can help you maximize your cable subscription, and you will never miss a minute of the action ever again.

Watch TV Your Way

You can watch TV your way and enjoy a diverse range of both live and new programs. Streaming services have a range of quality on-demand videos that you can view as soon as they are released, or you can save them for a binge-watching session.

There are apps and streaming players available to give you access to content through your device. Stream live programs and apps through a compatible player to your TV, or sign in to your cable connection when out and about. Technology has changed the way we watch, and there are now alternatives to cable.