Coin Master is a Slot Machine based game where you can build a house from scratch, build farms, sustain animals, and do plenty of other stuff.

And how to make money for building and upgrading them? The magical slot machine helps you in earning gold coins which you can use to upgrade your village. Now, there are some easy ways to play the game and help beginners get off with a good start.

To help you out, here are eight easy tips for beginners to have an easy start-

1. Login With Facebook Once You Know The Basics

So when you first start the game, there are two ways you can begin playing the game as a guest or with your Facebook account.

Now, if you have played games such as Board King, then you can directly log in with your Facebook account and start. But if you are new to the genre, you have to start as a guest and later login with your main account.

You will lose your progress in the guest account once you log in with your Facebook account, but since the beginning rewards are the same for everyone, you can be sure to retain the same rewards when you log in with your main account.

Get some idea about the game’s mechanics, and if you make mistakes, you know you will have a second chance at it.

Also, linking with your Facebook account gives you 50 free spins and 100k gold. Why would you not take the offer? And if you are looking for more free spins and gold coins, you can always use coin master cheats.

2. The Slot Machine Tactics

The slot machine is going to be your best buddy in the game. Six combos give you the highest tier reward. They are small coins, large coins, energy, thief, shield, and attack.

A small coin gives a small number of coins per stack. When you match three small coins, they yield a pretty hefty amount of gold.

Large coins work the same as small coins. As the name suggests, the only difference gives you a much more considerable amount of gold per stack.

Thief, portrayed with the pig icon, lets you raid a base. There are four places you can raid in another player’s village, but you have three chances to pull out gold from there. They cannot be prevented with a shield.

Energy is what you require to spin the slot machine. Unlike coins, you cannot get energy by stacking only one or two energy. The only way to earn energy from a spin is to stack all three energies. Landing 3 energy will return you a set amount of spins to earn even more gold.

Plunder, portrayed by the hammer icon, works similarly. Plunder doesn’t mean much with one or two stacks, but it lets you attack another player’s village with three stacks. Successfully attacking other players will give you a large amount of gold.

But if the opponent’s base is shielded, then the gold you get is vastly reduced.

Shield, portrayed by a shield icon, has the opposite function of plunder. With three stacks, you get a shield that protects your village from plunders. However, you can only have three shields active at the same time.

3. Have Patience

These mobile casual games require a lot of patience and is sometimes a bit difficult. But it is worth the wait.

You get five spin chances every one hour. Many players often use the five spins after every one hour. This tactic is not an efficient way to use spins as you don’t get much gold from 5 spins.

Instead, wait at least 5 hours, saving 25 spins and then using them as they will give a much larger amount of gold for you to upgrade your village.

However, we recommend that you login after 10 hours or every day once and use all 50 spins at once.

4.  Don’t Save Your Gold

When you have a large amount of gold, never save them as there is a high probability that they will be looted by someone else.

So whenever you have a sufficient amount of gold, spend it. After all, there is a saying, “The more you spend, the more you earn.”

5.   Use Cards Efficiently

You get cards when your village reaches level 3. These cards grant special bonuses to your village. You can trade up to 5 cards with other people.

Trading is a good thing to do as it enables you to attain even rarer cards with bigger bonuses.

6. Pets Are Always Fun!

Pets, like in real life, make your in-game experience even better and fun. Each pet has its unique bonus and boosts. So, make sure you feed them regularly to keep the boosts they provide active.

7. Get Extra Spins

Watching ads can sometimes be a bit annoying, but you will get extra spins if you do so. So, if you have nothing better to do, watch some online ads and collect those extra spins.

At the bottom right corner, there is an energy capsule icon. Pressing that icon will open in-game ads that give you a free spin. Another way to earn free spins is by inviting friends to the game.

So gather your friends and start growing together!

8. Use Multiple Facebook Accounts

Another trick most players use is having two Facebook accounts added with each other and logged in to coin master.

This way, they can get any rare cards they missed by trading with these second accounts. These second accounts are an easy way to boost your primary account performance.

Players use an app cloner to use coin master simultaneously and have multiple accounts logged in. They can even share invites to get more spins.

Final Thoughts

Coin Master is a friendly, social interactive game with no problematic mechanics and is rewarding for everyone. Although it might take some time to grind through to get all the bonuses and wait through the spin cooldown period, it is a fun game nonetheless and can even connect a lot of people.