darkfall-dwarfeAventurine have released a new patch for the recently released fantasy MMORPG, Darkfall, dealing with spell issues and several other problems, focusing especially on solo and small group play. The most important changes are noted below, but you can go check out the full changelist in the official forums.

– AI tactics have been updated and improved
– Major Monster Redistribution occurred
– Auto optimization has been enabled on the client. This will try to automatically increase the frame rate when you are in huge battles.
– Skill Gain in all Crafting Mastery Skills has been increased
– Armor durability damage while in combat has been decreased by 30%
– Auto Harvesting Enabled. Simply stand in front of the resource node and click the left mouse button. Your character will continue to harvest from the node until the node is depleted, character runs out of stamina, or is interrupted.

In other words, it’s nice to see that most of the issues were addressed and I am sure that we’ll all be satisfied with the way Darkfall progresses in the future.