Following Cordy and Cordy Sky comes Cordy 2, the new installment in the series from Silver Tree Media. This electrifying adventure stars Cordy and Volt, who have since arrived on World 2 in an attempt to overthrow the evil Boogaloo. In order to free the besieged world from the grasp of the Boogie bots, Cordy must save the Zap Drops and defeat the evil minions that stand in their way.

The game sees the playable character, Cordy, travel through three different worlds, with 48 different levels in the full game. Upon landing, the visual elements boldly stand out. The layout is based on a typical 2D adventure, although the slight three-dimensional effects are integrated brilliantly, with background events occurring as you progress, as well as eye-popping scenery that fully reflects the theme and culture of the game. Cordy’s movements are conducted by touch screen commands. The move button is accompanied by an action button that allows Cordy to double jump and, depending on the circumstances, activate his designated abilities.

You are constantly briefed with new tips, tricks and special abilities you have at your disposal. New abilities are discovered as you progress through each level. The player must then figure out how to progress using these acquired abilities, which becomes far more challenging the further you get. However, the game avoids being too linear by offering many different paths to achieve your goals. You can focus on collecting as many blue Gears as possible before finishing a level through exploring, which stops the player getting tedious and rushing through levels. There are also a number of different enemies that require different approaches in order to be defeated.

Furthermore, additional fun-filled puzzles are unlocked as you complete stages. It is these in-app bonuses that make Cordy 2 and exceptionally bright and enjoyable experience. Other additions to look out for include bonus levels that offer you the chance to add more Stars to your collection. These Stars allow you to progress much further and this ultimately adds to the depth of the full game. Overall, the similarities to the modern day Mario games make this light-hearted app a definite for any hand held gamer. You are able to be committed and test your skills with this game, whilst at the same time enjoy the basic concept and experience it for fun whilst commuting or traveling.

Cordy’s successes lie with its inspired appearance and ultimately adorable scenery. The free version offers you a surprisingly in-depth experience, although purchasing the full game at $4.99 provides a huge adventure gaming experience that will keep any hand held gamer intrigued. For the price, Cordy 2 is worth every penny and surpasses is predecessors with innovative new features and a vast array of bonus levels. If I had to highlight any potential improvements, I would recommend integrating the touch screen further to truly enhance the feel of traveling through space and making the most of the inspired new abilities Cordy has acquired. On the whole, a great little app that will infatuate the player enough to keep them hooked for a good while!