Mastery has just been introduced in CastleVille and the first mastery we’ll get in the game is Kitchen Crafting Mastery, thanks to the arrival of Mia in our Kingdoms and the release of the Get Cooking missions.

I am here to share with you everything you need to know about Kitchen Mastery in CastleVille so read on this guide to learn how to become a master cook and master all those goodies to their maximum level and as fast as possible!

How to unlock Kitchen Crafting Mastery?
You will need to reach the What a Tart! mission in the game before Kitchen Crafting mastery is unlocked for you. From then on, you can start working on your mastery of any recipe that you wish.

In order to start working on your mastery in the Kitchen, find a recipe that you want to master. Above it, you will see an indicator: a ribbon with a number on it, showing you the MASTERY LEVEL of that receive, and a progress bar near it, showing you how many times you have to cook the receive for the next level of mastery. It will look like in the image below (no mastery, unfortunately, since it’s a new feature in CastleVille):

Mastering the recipes in your kingdom’s kitchen will have you craft them faster, gain more XP points from them and also Zynga promises that other surprises are packed in the feature and it is up for you to find them.

All in all, the Kitchen mastery is clearly a nice addition to the game and you should try to get used to it because Zynga said that they plan to bring even more crafting mastery in the future!