Zynga has a partnership with Pixar in CastleVille, bringing us some content from the upcoming animation movie Brave – the new character Merida which also comes with a brand new Archery tournament in CastleVille. I am here to share with you all the details about this Archery Tournament in the game to make sure that you always hit the bulls eye and get the best out of this new and cool feature.

First of all, you should know that you can join the Archery Tournament in CityVille after finishing the 3rd mission in the new Brave series of missions. Then, you can select the Quiver of Arrows you want to use and you’re ready for the tournament and the great prizes it offers:

Keep an eye out for the wind conditions after each Arrow that you shoot. The winds are bound to change speed and/or direction, so make sure that your Arrows are shot accordingly. For example, if the wind is blowing left, you’ll want to make sure to point the Arrow more towards the right of the Target. Note: heavier Arrows will be less-affected by the wind.

Your goal will be that of hitting the bullseye because if you manage to do it for three times in the row, you will earn a special prize. But each successful shot rewards you with some points towards the next prize, so in the end it matters the most to hit the target.

Here are the regular prizes that you can win and how many points are required:

Rock with Wisps = 30 Points
Celtic Horse = 80 Points
Forest Den = 200 Points

After you win these first round prizes, you can go for even bigger rewards by winning Mystery Boxes with special items from the Archery Tournament.

The only setback here is that you will actually have to craft your arrows in order to shoot them (even though a few are rewarding during the missions) but at least it’s all free and we can get a bunch of great prizes for just a little work!

What do you think about the Archery Tournament in CastleVille?