A brand new and very interesting feature has been released by Zynga in Cafe World, the Flower Garden, which allows us to start growing different types of flowers in our cafes to add some extra challenges to the game and give us something extra to do. And I am sure it will prove like a great thing and a good break from all that cooking. So read on this guide to the Cafe World Flower Garden to learn everything about it!

In order to use the Flower Garden, you will first have to choose which flower you want to grow (simply select one from the Flower book and click “Grow”)

Next, you will have to wait for your flower to grow. But there is also fertilizer that can be used (in a similar manner to spices on dishes) in order to speed up the entire process. But it’s up for you to decide how you want to do it. When the flower has finished growing, it is ready to be harvested and placed in the cafe – so as long as you have an open vase available, the flowers will appear in your cafe.

Finally, we have vases to put the Flowers from the Flower Garden into: they work in a similar way to counters for the dishes: your harvested flowers will appear in an open (empty) vase, but they won’t stay there forever as they wilt over time. Have in mind that Wilted flowers will lower your Cafe Happiness level, while “healthy” flowers will increase it!

This happiness level occurs based on the number of flowers you have in your cafe: for 6 or more active flowers, for example, customers will walk in with happy faces and you can click on them to get free spices. For 4 you get a Buzz Boost and for 2, you get 10% more coins from the served dishes.

So all in all, I guess that we can all agree that introducing flowers and the Flower Garden to Cafe World is pretty nice!


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