Electronic Arts and Playfish have recently launched RISK:Factions on Facebook, bringing the classic board game to the social network and actually managing to deliver an amazing experience to the players. However, there are many things that might seem difficult at first and for this exact reason, I have decided to share with you a complete guide to RISK:Factions – a walkthrough that takes you through all the details that you need to know about playing RISK:Factions.

The Basic RISK:Factions gameplay

Choose your faction
There are more factions available in the game and they each have different strengths, weapons and special abilities. You should make sure that you have enough troops for each faction and have in mind that, for example, zombie troops would not listen from a human general. Be prepared!

Build the base
The Base in RISK:Factions is the center of operations. You will have an HQ (Headquarters) for each faction and there you’ll build the troops, unlock new buildings and build your Special Weapons

Prepare for world domination
Each of the two factions (probably more will come in the future) has its own set of maps for you to conquer. Make the best use of your troops and special weapons and you’ll soon dominate the world!

RISK:Factions rules you should know

– The attacker rolls one, two, or three dice and the defender rolls one or two dice depending on the number of soldiers on a territory.
– The attacker and defender’s highest die rolls are compared as are the second-highest die (if both players roll more than one dice.)
– Ties go to the defender and any additional dice are disregarded.
– One soldier must always occupy a territory. For example, if you are attacking another territory with two soldiers on your territory, you will only be able to attack with one, as the other soldier must stay on the territory.

RISK:Factions Guide to Playing Games

How to start a single player game
Click on the “Map Select” button in the bottom, left-hand corner of the screen. A screen will appear which allows you to select a Single or Multiplayer game. Now you are given the option to select a world to battle on. Once you have decided, click the “Select” button in the bottom, right-hand corner of the page. Next choose which map and what difficulty you want to play. After you decide, click on the “Select” button. Finally, select the faction you want to use on this map. Now you are ready to go!

How to start multiplayer game
Click on the “Map Select” button in the bottom, left-hand corner of the screen. A screen will appear which allows you to select a “Single Player” or “Multiplayer” game. Now you can choose to either create a game or join a random game. If you decide to “Create a New Game,” you can invite your friends to play with you. You can select how many people can play, which map you will be playing on and which faction you will be playing as. If you decide to “Join a Random Game,” you will be matched up with other RISK: Factions players who you may not know.

Quit a game
If you no longer want to play a map, you can surrender it. Click on “Map Select” in the bottom, left-hand corner of the screen. A list of the maps you are currently playing will appear with a “Surrender” button to the right of each one. Click on “Surrender”. A pop-up will appear asking if you would like to “Tough it out!” or “Surrender”. If you choose to surrender a game, you will lose all of your progress and you will not get to use the Prize-O-Matic.

How to attack in RISK: Factions
To attack, click on a territory that you own containing two or more troops. Territories that you can interact with will light up. Click on an adjacent territory that belongs to the enemy to initiate the attack. To continue attacking, click repeatedly on the enemy territory until you conquer the territory or run out of troops to attack with. To stop attacking, click on the “Done” button in the bottom middle of the screen.

Troop limitations
On the right hand side of the screen there is an image of your Facebook profile picture. To the left of your picture is a colored circle, also known as a pip, with a number on it. The number shows how many troops you are allowed to deploy during your turn. This number depends on how many territories and continents you control.

What are continent bonuses?
When a player takes over a continent, they get a bonus of additional troops to deploy during their next turn. The bonuses that you get for each continent are displayed in a legend on each map. When a continent is taken over by a player, their picture will appear next to continent’s name on the legend.

Guide to RISK cards
RISK Cards are tokens that you need for Special Weapons. Each weapon requires a certain number of cards to deploy it. Every time you capture a territory you get a card. You will be presented with three cards that have anywhere between one and three tokens on them. The cards are flipped and shuffled, which you then get to select one at random. If you want a chance to get a different card you can reveal the second card for one RISK Star and the third card for two RISK Stars.

How to get XP in the game
There are multiple ways that you can earn XP in RISK: Factions. Every time you successfully attack an enemy, build a building, or boost a friend’s base, you will gain a certain amount of XP. Once you level up, you receive a bonus, so don’t throw that white flag! Never give up, never surrender!

How to get more Skill Points
Every time you win a map, you will earn some skill points. These points are used to unlock buildings and Special Weapons. Your total number of skill points are visible at the top pf the screen.

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