Another limited time property has been launched in Mafia Wars, the Hangar, and it’s a pretty cool property and Zynga even decided to make it a bit easier for us to get it. We have 14 days to complete the Hangar in Mafia Wars and I am here to share with you all the details about this new building, from requirements to the incredible vehicles that you can unlock and purchase.

Things start very soft with the Hangar and we only need 3 items at first to upgrade it (Hammer Drill, Plaster and Cordless Drill), but the bad news is that the requirements grow as the level of the Hangar grows and we’ll reach some really impressive requirements for level 15 (26 Hammer Drills and Cordless Drills and 43 Plaster). The total of items that we will have to gather for ALL the 15 upgrades of the Hangar is: 178 Hammer Drills and Cordless Drill and 267 Plaster. Quite a few!

There are 15 new items that can be built inside the new Mafia Wars Hangar and the main one is the Hop Chopper at level 15 with 121 Attack and 83 Defense. But make sure that you finish the Hangar in time with parts from your neighbors (unfortunately, none are available as free gifts at the moment) or you will have to spend Reward Points for the upgrade.

What do you think about the Mafia Wars Hangar and its requirements: are 14 days enough?