CityVille Keegan Tower Timed Missions Guide

CityVille Keegan Tower Timed Missions Guide

An amazing new structure has been launched in CityVille today, the Keegan Tower, and we can get it in our city to impress anybody who decides to visit by completing the Keegan Tower timed missions. As always, I am here to share with you all the details about these new missions in order to get you prepared for the requirements. So check out all the details below and enjoy getting the Keegan Tower in CityVille!

Height of Success mission
– Collect from Taki Tower or Shiny Chateau 10 times
– Collect from Alaskan Cruise Routes 6 times
– Collect 15 Plants from friends
Rewards: 15 Energy, 150 XP

Complete the Tower! mission
– Upgrade Taki Tower to Level 4
– Collect from New York Airlines 12 times
– Supply 40 Businesses
Reward: Keegan Tower (Residence)

Rise to the Top
– Collect from Keegan Tower 15 times
– Collect 20 Conference Tables from Businesses or Friends
– Increase Population by 2,500
Rewards: 8 Zoning Permits and 200,000 Coins

And these are the requirements for the Keegan Tower missions in CityVille.