wowBlizzard’s problems with their hit MMO World of Warcraft in China are far from being over, but at least things are looking a bit better for the giants: the Chinese government has allowed a partial relaunch of the game: only already registered players can play the game. And after two months on the line, I think that the servers will burn and melt!

However, as PC World reports, things are not yet solved for Blizzard. According to their report, “new players will be barred from signing up until the game gets final clearance, the report said. NetEase will not be allowed to charge subscription fees during that period, which is meant to ensure a smooth transition of user data from the operator switch, the official was cited as saying.” Ouch!

It seems that Blizzard now has to re-apply for a license and submit World of Warcraft for content screening to the Chinese government before being allowed for a full relaunch. Having in mind that the developers have created special content to comply with the foreign laws (like the tuned up skeletons), it seems like just a matter of time until the Chinese gamers will be allowed to play WoW as they used before. And, of course, Blizzard to start making money again: 40 percent of the World of Warcraft players (about 5 million people) are located in China. I wouldn’t wish to calculate the losses….