Pretty soon, we’ll have in ChefVille a ton of items that produce things for us and one of them will be the recently released Tomato Sauce Rack, which offers us some free Tomato Sauce every now and then, making it kind of pointless to craft it by ourselves and lose valuable ingredients. I am here to tell you everything about how the Tomato Sauce Rack works and share with you the details of the Tomato Sauce Rack missions in ChefVille, so keep reading!

We’ll start with the requirements for the three new Tomato Sauce Rack goals in the game:

Eat Up to Warm Up!

– Place the Tomato Sauce Rack
– Craft 1 Batch of Tomato Sauce
– Cook 1 Meatball Sandwich
Rewards: 10 coins, 1 XP and 2 Tomatoes

Boiling Point
– Build the Tomato Sauce Rack
– Tend the Tomato Sauce Rack 2 Times
– Serve 1 Classic Tomato Soup
Rewards: 20 Coins, 3 XP and 4 Mixed Greens

Supply Shortage
– Tend 6 neighbors’ Tomato Plants
– Get 3 Warm Mittens from your Friends
– Cook 8 time with Tomato Sauce
Rewards: unknown

Now about the Tomato Sauce Rack itself! First of all, you will have to build it by asking your friends for items (either directly or posting news feed requests), then you can easily use it as you use all the other item-producing things in your restaurant and surroundings, and get some tomato sauce for your recipes!