I instantly thought about beer when I heard “Germany’s Best” is coming to ChefVille, but Zynga does have to keep it family friendly and fortunately Germany has a lot of great things to choose from. Therefore, this new mission series brings us some German recipes and I am here to tell you everything you need to know about the requirements to get it over with as hassle free as possible.

So check out below the guide for the ChefVille Germany’s Best goals!

World’s Wursts
– Place and Finish the Hofbrau Skillet
– Serve 1 German Meatloaf
– Tend 5 Neighbors’ Mom N Pop Shops
Rewards: Green Cabbage, Red Cabbage and 10 XP

The Ubermeat
– Buy and Finish the Butcher’s Kiosk
– Earn 1 Mastery Star for Pretzel
– Tend Butcher’s Kiosk 4 Times
Rewards: Black Pepper, Red Cabbage and 10 XP

Cabbage Connection
– Buy and Finish the Cabbage Patch
– Earn 1 Mastery Star for Gelbwurst
Rewards: 3 Chuck Beef, 3 Green Cabbage and 50 XP

And this is it! You have now completed the Germany’s Best goals in ChefVille and you can get ready for the feast!