Spooky! Aliens have arrived in Cafe World and people are staring to report these UFO sightings. Fortunately, they come in peace and it will be our job to prepare some extra food for the new guests. So read on to find all the details about these new UFO Sightings missions in Cafe World – the early information!

Lights in the Sky mission
– Ask for 6 eye witnesses
– Ask for 7 blurry photos
– Serve 12 random dishes

Gone Mission
– Ask for 10 missing pots
– Ask for 13 missing heating elements
– Serve 28 random dishes

Is This a Hoax mission
– Ask for 9 crop circles
– Serve 60 random dishes
– Serve 50 random dishes

They’re Here mission
– Collect 15 peace offerings
– Collect 12 welcome banners
– Serve 50 random dishes
Rewards: Slurp Sludge Recipe

Universal mission
– Collect 15 alien translators
– Serve 40 Slurp Sludges
– Serve 52 random dishes

They Want What mission
– Collect 11 suction shoes
– Collect 19 breathing apparatuses
– Serve 40 random dishes
Reward: Gisan Salad Recipe

An Alien Feast mission
– Ask for 18 alien forks
– Serve 24 qisan salads
– Serve 12 random dishes

Space case mission
– Ask for 18 alien hats
– Master Gisan Salad to level 1
– Master the Slurp Sludge to level 1
Reward: Transporter

Good to see that some new missions have been released in Cafe World and we have some brand new content!


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