Often when people weigh up the perks of having a stand up desk, they talk of them in the context of an office environment. However, some people spend a great deal of their time at their desk engaging in recreational activities and can also profit from swapping to a stand up desk.

Ardent PC gamers spend a massive chunk of their days battling virtual foes and completing quests. Gamers are just susceptible to the adverse effects of sitting for extended periods like office workers and stand to reap the benefits of using standing desks.

At first, the idea of a stand up desk for gaming may sound absurd, but once you assess the numerous benefits of acquiring a sit-stand desk, you’ll understand why these futuristic desks will take your gaming up a notch.

Below are a few reasons why sit-stand desks will take your gaming to the next level:

1. Standing desks enhance your focus and engagement
Sitting for long periods leads to discomfort, muscle tension, and restlessness which will distract you from your game. You could try fidgeting to get comfortable, but it’s hard not to stand which demands you that pause the game.

A sit-stand desk allows for standing, movement and stretching your legs without resorting to pausing the game. Also, gaming in a standing position allows for increased engagement and reactions because your body mirrors your character’s movements.

Lastly, standing is linked to enhanced concentration and productivity as a result of increased blood flow to the brain. Standup desks enable for a heightened immersive gaming experience that ups your gaming experience.

2. Standing desks improve your health leaving you to concentrate on building your characters’ XP
Your goal during gaming is leveling up and building your character’s XP. Concurrently, you might overlook your health and general well-being. Muscle strains, brain fog, poor blood circulation, weight gain are some of the short and long-term consequences of sitting for long periods.

Standing for at least a quarter of your day significantly reduces your susceptibility to metabolic syndrome and chronic diseases and eases neck and back pain resulting from prolonged sitting.

Trading to a sit-stand desk allows you to remain fully focused on leveling up and character’s XP while easily looking after yourself.

3. Sit-stand desks cap your play time
Gaming makes times pass quickly and a couple of hours may feel like minutes. Losing track of time feels awful more if you had other errands you had to run. Standing as you play makes you more time conscious, and you never catch the feeling of, “Oh my, how long have I been playing?”

The more aware you are of time, the better you’ll utilize your time within the game. Rather than waste time on fruitless quests or rambling within your game, you’ll restrict your play time to the best gaming adventures.

Try Zen computer gaming desks to take your gaming experience to a whole new level.