Borderlands 2 is getting closer to its released date and that is the reason why Gearbox decided to give us all the details about the collector’s edition of the game. We’re actually talking here about two different super-duper editions of the game and I am ready to share with you all the details.

The first one and the cheapest Borderlands 2 Collector’s Edition is the Deluxe Vault Hunter’s Collector’s Edition – priced at $99 – which gives you, together with the game a Marcus Kincaid bobblehead, a Map of Pandora, a download code for digital comic, an art book and some stickers.

But the most hardcore players will want to get the $149.99 Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition which also gives you a set of lithograph postcards, some Sir Hammerlock field notes, a “steel book case” and big ID chart that lists all of the creatures you’ll encounter in Pandora. Plus a cloth map, because you are really cool.

Will you be purchasing one of the Collector’s Edition versions of Borderlands 2 or you will stick to the regular one? You should make your decision by September 18th because that is when the game is coming out!