iOS Games

Gaming phones are gaining popularity in full steam, and iPhones are considered one of the best in the gaming phone range. There are over a million apps available on the iPhone App Store, and the gaming app options are infinite. The iOS App Store has a vast library of games, and making a choice can always get tedious.  

We want to help you simplify your gaming experience and provide you with a list of top games available on the iOS App Store. Although there are a thousand different games available, we hope this list helps you navigate some exciting games and not let your gaming experience get stagnant. Let us explore the world of iOS games



Do you have a penchant for geographical trivia and knowledge? For example, can you differentiate between Iceland and the Swiss Alps? Or India and Vietnam? Let us put your geographical knowledge to the test with this exciting game. You will be dropped at an unknown location from Google Street View, and all you have to do is guess where you are! So try this game out and travel the world from your mobile screens. 


This game is a dream come true for all car lovers. It provides a superior driving experience and mechanically driven adventures. You can choose from various cars to upgrade with all the money you win after every successful race. The game is not merely an adrenaline-pumped extravaganza but also an enjoyable adventure for car maniacs. GearClub has racetracks in exotic locations bringing an immersive visual delight for the players. In addition, you can play with your friends in tournaments. 

Forza Street 

One of the most popular racing games on the iOS App Store, Forza Street is one of the finest racing games on the iOS store. Like any other game of this genre, you have to win races and earn yourself upgrades, kits, and cars. You can select your gaming mode from a short one-minute race to an immersive story mode race. In addition, there are almost 50 real cars available from famous international automobile brands. 

Grand Mountain Adventure

The cool mountain breeze, the mysterious slopes, and the magnificence of the mountains, what else would a mountain lover want? The Grand Mountain Adventure brings to you a breathtaking gaming experience set in the grand mountains. You can explore the countries around the hills while moving through directions and slopes. The game begins at the foothills in a ski resort and takes you through gameplay consisting of slalom, super G, boardercross, slopestyle, best drop line, and big air. You can also uncover some hidden ski passages and challenges. 

Super Mario Run

All the Mario fans in the house, you have a reason to rejoice. Every Mario fan will be impressed with the Super Mario Run game as it comes closest to the original Mario version. Mario, the Italian plumber, keeps running to the right side of the screen in this game, and you get to control the jumps. Collect characters, destroy blocks, and Smush Goombas along the way. The first few Super Mario Run game levels are free, and you need to pay $10 to continue playing the rest of the levels. 

Golf King

A favorite in the list, Golf King, presents a riveting visual experience with some lifelike locations. You can personalize your avatar by choosing shoes, caps and t-shirts. You can play Golf King with players all over the globe, like one player versus a real-time player. You can unlock various levels by playing on different golf courses and winning trophies. 

Dawn of Zombies 

There is a Zombie Apocalypse, and you need to survive each day. The Dawn of Zombies is a game based on your survival skills. You have to be innovative and fight to pull through each day. The controls of the game are easy to comprehend. Your energy recharge is through the food you consume. It would be best to stay underground, use the available transportation and navigate through each day tactfully. You can play this game with other players or your friends and double the fun. 


Various games keep pouring into the gaming world, RPG, MMORPG, Simulation and sports, Puzzles and Word games, and many more. Your iOS App store will keep adding new games to their library that will enchant you, and we hope the seven games mentioned above bring you immense gaming joy. So what are you waiting for? Download these games and start playing.